To the loan of money and / or the equipment in highly profitable manufacture

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    The general fund of the project: 8450000 Euros.
    1 stage – 287700 – own means. The stage is passed.
    2 stage – 512300 – the investor. Preparation of manufacture, manufacture of initial production, marketing programs.
    Recoupment of 8 months (7 months, preparation of manufacture prior to the beginning of realization of production).

    3 stage – 7650000.3000000 – the investor, 4650000 – own means from sold production 2 a stage.
    The form of financing – the renewed demand line of credit.
    Versions offered by the investor are possible. A recoupment 3 a stage – 3,7yers the Maximal time of recovery of outlay of the Project - 42 months.
    Availability of the key personnel for realization of the Project.

    Mid-annual profitability of the project, is certain on experimental production and its installations at clients, exceeds 68 %.
    The low competition, the new developing market.
    The enterprise is created – technologies experimental product samples are developed-are made and established at customers – the database of potential clients is turned out-are prepared oral arrangements with clients the-enterprise is technologically ready to output.

    Purchase of the equipment, the basic and auxiliary means, materials and semifinished items, purchase (long-term rent) the grounds, construction of own areas, a conclusion of manufacture to rated power, turnaround means.
    Manufacturing techniques of prospective production are developed and checked up by the enterprise.
    With reference to needs of the enterprise technologies of alternative energy sources are developed for use with made production.
    Potential consumers of a product of realization of the Project the commercial, non-profit and state organizations of all branches of economic activities.

    Industrial and office base of the project is maybe realized in territory of any country.

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