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    The foreword.
    The market of bioadditives promptly extends, people are ready to spend greater money to raise quality of the life.
    Once having bought one of good additives of the known manufacturer, I, nevertheless, caring of the health, uneasy have by defined its full structure - the manufacturer, certainly, have specified structure of a preparation on packing, but for some reason in some ciphered kind, for example, were specified little-known in Russia, but basically correct, names of one components, and in the name of others there was ukazanno only a group of plants. There there were four components of a phytogenesis and one artificial component. The recipe has appeared from of some national and much known though the manufacturer spoke about a unique compounding known only its scientists. Proportions were for me also not a secret, and I within one day have received (through wholesale farmpostavshchika) resources for preparation of a similar preparation. In packing BAD 60 tablets were initial. I have bought components on 1200 tablets, the smaller volume because of features of packing could not be received. Thus I have spent only 20 % of the sum from cost of an initial preparation (that bought components for wholesale prices, in attention I I do not accept) – « probably, there is a secret in preparation of a preparation » - I have understood and the beginnings it to accept (the bought raw material while have postponed). Has passed month. Whether there was any effect from a preparation – tell with confidence I can not, but I have not received the declared effect absolutely. Has got all the boxes bought one month ago, has opened a compounding and has prepared for a similar preparation, having spent some money for the electric power, water, utensils and medical vesy. And the beginnings prepared to accept. There was a recipe very much even correct! In a week I have received all that wanted! Probably, the defective original preparation has got to me, and its efficiency can is specially underestimated to make softer action on an organism – people in fact all different. But, nevertheless, a question on that, the margin more than 3000 % whence has undertaken, for me has remained secret. From here I have deduced the economic sense of the bioadditive: you take checked up babushkin the recipe with cheap components, you do a preparation, there is a calculation of profitability to pair thousand %, then beautiful packing, the name and an advertising slogan … and here it a new unique product, unique which will rescue you from your illness further! And people of all this persistently consume. I not against, the main thing that not in harm, well and to effect declared, too it would be advisable to be shown.
    Well, in general, needing constantly high tone of an organism, and not having desire to use chemistry, it was necessary to boil in all to this íáñ«ó߬«-HOMEOPATHIST porridge and, acquired on own experience the certain knowledge, I managed to leave on one unique compounding not unique components - therefore I today have idea of a preparation which is called to help to raise to people quality of their life. In the beginning this preparation has been called to hold me in a tone, to raise my sports results and to leave enough "charge" on daily labour activity. In due course I have made structure softer and universal and began « to put experiences » on friends and friends. Young men of a range of 20-30 years have received good means for the balanced work of an organism – state of health excellent! Grandmothers-grandfathers long time drank vegetative components of a preparation instead of tea. And now continue. As they said state of health as about 30 years ago!
    In general how to be spoken, it is checked up on itself and on those people. Certainly before "experiences" on close the – more than 3 months I independently accepted a preparation under the serious control of the doctor - from pressure before ultrasonic of kidneys and delivery of blood (though I hate this procedure). And all ok!

    So, there is an idea to let out on the market new BAD.
    Compounding: a little bit widely widespread vegetative components.
    Pluss: unlike the majority of others, operating only on the certain people, components of this preparation are highly active also their action obviously. All components are known, cheap and easily accessible (it not exotic plants, and medicinal grasses of an average strip). Preparations on the basis of these components widely are made and on sale, but there is no preparation uniting them. Namely in this association or in simultaneous reception of preparations the secret is covered – together they are extraordinary effective and simultaneously soft in the action - substances from a preparation are accumulated cause allergies and other. The preparation does not possess toxicity and is not a dope. Has no by-effects, age and seasonal restrictions. It is perfectly combined with foodstuff and classical medicamentous means. Does not contain alkaloidov, narcotic or poisonous substances. All components are officially resolved to use in structure of BAD and food additives. The preparation is harmless at long application.

    For the purposes promo, basically, it is possible to declare so (not much not a little) – « it is a preparation which modern person can and should accept daily and up to the end of a life which at observance of the specified mode of reception will come not soon ».
    For one target audience it is possible to position as « advantage of the manager » - the preparation really reduces fatigue, improves memory, raises working capacity, well restores cells of a liver. For other audience as the best means for restoration of an organism after trainings, for people of advanced age – as means normalizing pressure and a dream, and means preventing presenilation. Teenagers can accept a preparation as the polyvitaminic and polymicroelement means strengthening and protecting the growing organism. For people with infringement of weight – as normalizing appetite and the weight, restoring and stimulating work of the intestines, optimizing a metabolism.
    The preparation is universal - good for all both for men and for women. Its universality, efficiency and a demand follows from its action on an organism:

    Action of a preparation. Indications to application.
    Application has shown in the long period at all accepted a preparation the highest working capacity, stability to any to stresses, stability to diseases and indispositions in general.
    Farmakoterapevticheskaja group: obshchetonizirujushchie means and adaptogeny a phytogenesis.
    The indication to application:
    Removes stress, depression, phobias, it is effective against a flu, infectious and prostudnyh diseases, helps at allergic reaction, dermatitah, asthmatic conditions, autoimmunnyh diseases, raises protective forces of an organism, it helps to be restored after physical and intellectual loadings, normalizes arterial pressure, raises a sexual inclination, it is effective at a prostatitis, an adenoma predstatelnoj zhelezy, facilitates current of process of a syndrome menopauzy, it is effective at diseases of a gastroenteric path, normalizes appetite and weight, normalizes structure of blood, it is effective at a hepatites, at endemicheskom a craw, at an atherosclerosis, neurosises, depressions, a sleeplessness, a gout, etc.
    Well and certainly high obshchetonizirujushchy effect.
    Pharmacological action: adaptogennoe, antibacterial, antioksidantnoe, gepatozashchitnoe, nootropnoe, anti-inflammatory, protivoskleroticheskoe, psihoenergizirujushchee, toning up. The preparation normalizes arterial pressure, normalizes exchange processes, normalizes structure of blood, raises attention, reduces percent of mistakes, raise physical working capacity, positively influences a condition of ears, adjusts a level of glucose in blood, reduces maintenances of cholesterol in blood, stimulates immunity, stimulates peristaltiku intestines, stimulates secretion of gastric juice, stimulates system krovetvorenija, stimulates the central nervous system, brakes development of an atherosclerosis, increases quantity of hemoglobin in blood, improves blood circulation and rhythmics of work of heart, improves memory, improves a dream, improves power maintenance of a brain, strengthens regeneration of cells, strengthens a sexual inclination, eliminates a syndrome of an intoxication of various character …
    Are not established.

    Let's sum up.
    In general the preparation excellent – really makes appreciable effect on an organism and at competent marketing will quickly win hearts of consumers. First of all due to the obvious efficiency, secondly, because of the price. At industrial release the retail price of a daily doze of a preparation will not exceed 10 roubles.
    Business for small - to meet with approval farmkomiteta, to collect syryo and to let out a preparation …
    … here such idea.

    Yours faithfully,
    Roman Fridolin
    20 October, 2003

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