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    There is an idea to organize consulting online service for traders.

    I shall state only an essence of idea and I shall try extremely shortly. The rest I shall tell during discussions (if those will be).

    The purpose of service to give to the client in a mode of real time of the recommendation on strategy of trade by the actives chosen by the client. Practically it will be realized by transfer to the client of signals on purchase or sale of a concrete active. Besides the specified service will be strengthened" by set of the various additional functions, doing work of the trader as much as possible comfortable – from reception of the simple financial information before complex automated management by a portfolio on the basis of last achievements manimenedzhmenta.

    Potential users of the given service - dejtrejdery and the intermediate term speculators having connection to the Internet.

    The device of service.
    Service represents the program complex consisting of a server part (including vzaimnointegrirovannye system of decision-making, system of transfer, the monitoring system and managements) and client. The user establishes to itself the client on a computer and (subscription) pays money for connection to service and for reception of recommendations on each concrete paper or currency.

    As all works.
    The system of transfer at reception of a signal from system of decision-making transfers its client to the machine of the user. Roughly speaking, the client by the machine of the user shows the message « Is recommended to buy such active under such price in such volume » with corresponding indication of this point on the schedule of dynamics of an active and in the table of a virtual portfolio (well and all this, certainly, in dynamics it is recalculated).
    By way of delivery of the information to the user, the program plan and the interface – all is clear – here for short time of operational development it is possible very quickly evoljutsionirovat in a qualitative and convenient product. But the main thing all the same it …

    System of decision-making (the key part defining success of the project).
    In this case it is offered to construct the mechanism of decision-making on the basis of nejrosetevogo the analysis. The experience which is available in given area shows good results of this approach for the mass markets. Besides there is an idea to construct multilevel self-adapting system nejrosetej capable completely in automatic mode to show a good population mean on vaguely long time interval that minimizes expenditures of labour on maintenance of system in efficient standing and will objectively raise its efficiency.

    Profitableness of system of decision-making.
    Certain (and theoretically known) the percent of transactions accomplished by the end user under the recommendation of system will be unprofitable. First, because of unfitness of current algorithm of decision-making to a concrete market case, secondly, because of a time delay (a sluggishness of data links, time of judgement the client of the decision and so forth). But in the pure state the virtual portfolio generated by system will be profitable enough, for example, in view of expenses for realization of the transaction, not less than 40 % annual on leaders (in sense actively bargaining) to the Russian papers.

    The responsibility before the client.
    The responsibility of the company the giving given service is limited only by the responsibility for technical working capacity of system. As to the recommendations received by the user – that they only also remain recommendations – the company does not bear the responsibility for results of the carried out transactions and I think, nobody will challenge it.

    In Russia the prospect of similar service directly is connected with known prospect of development of the domestic financial markets. Not far off that day when on the first channel in news there will be a special heading with comments on a situation at stock exchanges. Certainly, with the Russian actives forecasting of dynamics of the market a problem rather inconvenient (but solved), however many the Russian traders work in the western markets, including currency where the problem of forecasting is easier because of mass character, with all consequences following from here. It would be good to try such service and on foreign clients though it is assured, that there enough similar services (itself did not meet, but would be very interesting to familiarize with similar experience), however all business in success of system and under certain conditions it is possible to be out of competition.
    In any case already now it is possible to construct successful system of decisions, and, considering, that with "age" and parallel development of the financial markets such system in practice all will be day by day more successful – the prospect is available.

    Why it will buy?
    First, to any successful speculator as to the person extremely inquisitive and being constant search, it it will be rather interesting to test this service (especially for money ) and in case of success actively to use it, and to speculators at whom problems, interestingly and important the new tool of decision-making especially will receive – in any case indifferent will not be (once I has opened page in the Internet where has put the forecast semi-annual (!) Dynamics on one of our ú-chesspieces – which was based on results of calculation of one elementary network and on my personal frivolous extrapolation of dynamics from enough "holey" archive - it was shorter full delirium from the point of view of forecasting, but the page has involved huge quantity were interested and when the forecast has shown profit of 15 % (certainly, is casual) all have wanted also I am assured, make I an input on page on $0,1 – would earn pair thousand). In general, here I would start with a principle « itself have bought and I know still children who will buy ».

    Variants "to involve" the client – weight. And after, even in case of the minimal success, – hardly it will refuse, if the price will be comprehensible. It is possible to make bekmani or the greater discount for a primary subscription. It is possible to make both the test period, and payment under the scheme « payment in a month » – all will be simple in that case envy from technical opportunities of the channel and servers – because absolutely all online traders who learns about an opportunity to test such service, in my opinion, will subscribe, and for a month "is involved", and not less than 10 % will subscribe for money. Besides a question in the price of service - at the reasonable price, many speculators will buy service simply for a ballast – as additional means of " psychological support » at decision-making.
    There are some ideas how to organize sale with restriction by quantity podpisok, that will allow to increase the receipt of service – but it already nuances.
    Once having subscribed for service, it will be psychologically difficult to client to refuse its use, especially if trade under recommendations of system will be though is a little successful. There are some very interesting ideas which, certainly, will force the user to believe in nuzhnost service and perspective success at use of system. Though, I think, that such ideas full at people who more or less represents psychology of the trader.

    For example: the fixed sum of month - $100 for a subscription ("shorthanded" actives on a choice of the client enter some) + $10 for each additional active.
    It is possible to adjust the price for a subscription depending on profitableness of a virtual portfolio, on the fact generated under recommendations of system (for example, « the price of a subscription = $100 * %успеха systems »).

    Market capacity.
    By my estimations for today in Russia people in whom the given service can interest not less than 10 thousand. They are people constantly trading kratko-and srednesrochno through the Internet or by phone and having steady the Internet-connection.

    The personnel.
    Who is necessary for the organization of service (except for operating the project): the engineer, vebprogrammist, the lawyer, the bookkeeper. In general it is possible to construct all on outsourcing, but at a serious spirit it is better to begin completely been completed. Well and, certainly, it is ideal to realize the project on the basis of the existing company (better financial) – where all this listed personnel already is.

    The budget.
    First, for creation and operational development of system nejrosetej greater computing capacities and a corresponding software are necessary. And if at the first stage it is possible to tell that the software is (bought by me many years back for a private use) in the further it will be necessary to use or samopisnyj or purchased "nejrodvizhok". And, as always in this business, business with calculations worst of all is - various matuskoriteli want many money. But adequately to begin it is possible and with "schitalkoj" for $5000.
    The rest, as at any another online of service: servers, channels of transfer, technical (and psychological) support of clients …
    Total: at reasonable outsourcing, and in an ideal, with a command of adherents-enthusiasts, the budget for start of the project will be up to $10 thousand, and if so all to pay back sale of pair hundreds podpisok.

    That is necessary now.
    At the given stage one programmer is necessary only.
    If it will interest someone, and I shall be assured of gravity of intentions I shall show the prototype of system of decision-making.

    Here such here idea. I think, I have stated an essence. What questions will be?

    Yours faithfully,
    Roman Fridolin
    18 March, 2003

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