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    The device with the working name "demographer".
    I shall tell at once, idea of the device disputable only for those who does not own its all features and secrets. And in general, there can be this idea only a step to something more useful and demanded.
    So, once there was an idea to think up a certain portable electronic device which could receive wide rasprostranennee in the consumer market.
    … also it has turned out here that (the initial idea is resulted in a draft copy which is given in reduction, with the corrected spelling and a punctuation).

    What will it be?
    The market different gadzhetov is wide enough. However few such compact devices which were necessary everywhere and all.
    The target audience was defined from the point of view of its solvency - i.e. it is youth and people of middle age, and all of them should be inhabitants of greater cities.
    It is necessary to think up purpose of the device...
    In what need of the chosen target audience? What devices are popular in them? Also what it is necessary for them still? And what at them already is, almost at all? About electronic hours and the charms responding singing, we shall forget … the mobile phone and a pager Are popular – and they solve what problems? Are tools of the successful communications, as a rule, in business.
    But it is devices for business … And what at us for entertainments? Has recollected tamagochi – a cheerful toy … for whom and what advantage? Probably, it for very lonely people who happen all children of preschool age … develops first of all feeling of the responsibility … yes, is a good example of the compact inexpensive and popular electronic device. But it for children. And we wish to play in a adult way …

    In what a problem of a target audience – inhabitants of greater cities? I lived in four different cities of different size and now well I understand, that a problem of greater cities – loneliness and first of all at a level of mutual relations of floors … And in greater cities the center of a demographic problem which becomes the main state problem. But while a little that is thought up. Everyone think, that business in absence of financial independence of young families. But not only in it the reason … Though, probably, for a birth of children will soon pay money. But children - in fact they not from money …
    Problem: how to increase birth rate? The decision: to find out preferences of everyone and to acquaint people suitable each other. All - a population explosion! (forgive for such is primitive-unilateral sight at a problem).

    All to acquaint? So in what a problem? Behavioural features of people of megacities – isolation, employment, nervous pressure. From here idea of the device which will help to adjust the communications with new (unfamiliar) people and not a business level, namely on personal.
    Certainly in the near future with development of the Internet and mobile communication – to appear the set of services simplifying such communications. But these services, in the majority, all the same offer acquaintances in many respects blindly – which according to in 80 % are unsuccessful. Therefore it is necessary to talk about traditional acquaintance of two people as it happened at all times, and the device let only generates a desire and the certain confidence of success at getting acquainted people.

    The device.
    So, the device, we shall name it modestly - "demographer" - the compact device in size with a pager, with ZHK the screen, buttons of management and an independent feed. Has radio the receiver and the transmitter working in a range, for example, of 2,40-2,48 GHz and with capacity sufficient for work in radius of 50 meters of direct visibility. The vibrator is built in the device. The device is calculated on the persons constantly circulating in the huge alive sea of a megacity – the central streets, the underground, supermarkets and entertaining complexes, educational institutions and so forth, i.e. the device is calculated on operation in places of the big concentration of people.

    Principle of work.
    The user enters into the device data about itself. Anthopometrical: a floor, growth, weight, color of eyes and personal: hobbies, the occupation and so forth Then enters the current similar preferences by way of personal contact, choosing thus of the future partner. Chooses type of acquaintance: the film-cafe, sex, friendship and so forth Includes the device in a mode of search and forward!
    Certainly, for contact the second device (devices) « from that party » with the suitable programmed characteristics is necessary.

    As all occurs.
    Imagine there are along the street towards each other young men. At each of them the device which has been adjusted on the characteristics suitable to a given situation (let the girl will have a mode « Any guy » + "Cinema-cafe", and at the guy accordingly « Any girl » + "Cinema-cafe"). The distance between young men is reduced up to 50 meters. Devices find out each other and concurrence of characteristics. At concurrence of search characteristics devices it is coordinated start to change capacity, thus, the provisional distance between devices operatively is defined.
    To users moves vibrosignal « there Is a contact! » Also it is informed (through ZHK the display) on what mode concurrence and distance up to other device. People stop, get devices and study the received information.
    So, the motive is. Now a problem of visual contact and reaction.
    The first. It is necessary to find each other in crowd. In this occasion there is one know-how and as given to a method already has promised to transfer one travel agency its description here we shall lower till the best times. So, visual contact took place. Further – all is clear if mutual sympathy – that forward if problems, it it is possible to apologize and promise another time (subsequently blacklisted number of this device). If someone to not like to get in the described situation it is possible to take advantage of the latent mode.
    Besides there is an opportunity to communicate and through the device – sending the preestablished reactions to the device of the potential partner, also the device can exchange with other device the text information (in volume of one line) and, how to be spoken, much and many other things.

    Other opportunities of the device.
    It is possible to adjust the device for work simultaneously in several modes of search. Modes of search: the latent mode (for those who is afraid to be trapped), only information – the signal is accepted, but it is not transferred. Active search – a signal begun and transferred.
    It is possible to adjust the device and on partial concurrences.
    There are preestablished reactions of the user, for example, « Is ready to acquaintance », « Leave phone », « Now there is no time ».
    Each user has unique identification number which to be stored on a demountable id-card (in the same place a set of characteristics of the user, the black list, a directory of other numbers and so forth).
    At change of the device it is possible to insert an id-card into it, having avoided that reprogramming and loss of a directory and other information.
    It is possible to adjust the device on search of the device with concrete number (if the required user will include the sanction of such search). It is possible to blacklist the user.
    At each operating mode of the device the vibrosignal (for example, the devices, the above frequency of vibration are closer.. « It a leather felt, how it came nearer … »)
    In the device a plenty of the preestablished characteristics of search.
    The device is protected from not authorized access by the password …
    … and so on, etc., I think, for an explanation of an essence enough and there is no necessity to describe the device in all smallest details.

    Now to money:
    Special marketing did not spend, but I know where to find a target audience with interest to the device and at a rate of 1000 persons, with all money following from here …

    The conclusion.
    Above economy of a question still it is necessary to work, and the essence of action of the device as a whole is clear, though certainly there are many questions on features of its operation, convenience and demands which arise during studying the given description, but all of them elementary are solved – and already there is a harmonous technical project on the device, and after creation of its prototype and tests it is possible to make even more exact changes and additions which will make the device certainly attractive to the consumer.
    In general here such idea.
    Certainly, it is interesting to create the prototype and it to test. I wait for offers from enthusiasts of radio fans.
    Well also it would be certainly very interesting to discuss this idea.

    Manufacturers of mobile phones can take this idea on arms – here the option of phone or the separate device which will partially use resources of phone … can carry out function of this device

    Yours faithfully,
    Roman Fridolin
    2 September, 2003

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